Back to School? 5 All-Natural Ways To Focus Up This Fall


We reached out to our team of experts for their favorite all-natural brain-boosting tips, so you can focus better in school. Here’s what they said.

Shake & Shoot Your Way to Better Skin: The Best Vitamins for Radiant Skin


If you’re looking to supplement your way to more supple, sublime skin, our experts agree that these vitamins can make a difference – check ‘em out!

6 Ways Aging Can Affect Focus


Feel like your focus is slipping away? To answer your questions about age and attention, we reached out to our team of experts. Here’s what they said.

7 Benefits of Acerola, The Superfood You Never Knew You Needed


Have you noticed acerola popping up in health stores and blogs? We got in touch with our team of experts to reveal why this superfruit is just so good for you.

Mindfulness and Eating: 5 Tips for Getting It Right


We’ve got five suggestions for you to incorporate mindfulness into your eating routine that are simple and come straight from the experts. Check ‘em out here.

6 Benefits of Vitamin D: New Research on the Sunshine Vitamin


What exactly are the benefits of vitamin D in terms of human health? We reached out to our team of experts for their thoughts – here’s what they said.

Gut Feelings: 6 Wellness Experts Agree on the Link between Gut and Mood


We believe so deeply in the link between gut health and mood, we reached out to the experts to learn more about how your gut syncs with your mental health.

Build a Better Salad: How to Get the Most Out of Your Bowl of Greens


At the center of most wellness routines is filling your plate with plant-based foods. For many people, the easiest way to do that is by adding a salad (or two) to your day.

The Magic of a Morning Routine: 6 Expert Tips for Setting Up Your Day for Success


If you’ve been starting your day by reaching for your phone, you may want to try out some of these calming, yet energizing tips from our team of experts.

Let's Take a Sec to Learn about Cordyceps with Mushroom Expert Skye Chilton


Ready to learn more about cordyceps? We got in touch with mushroom expert Skye Chilton to find out why this medicinal mushroom is so good for you.

Warning: These 6 Bad Habits Might Be Zapping All Your Energy


Feel like you’re running on empty? If you’ve been feeling any less than your very best, these six bad habits might just be the reason why.

6 All Natural Solutions for Managing Acid Reflux


Ready to keep that dreaded burning, burping sensation at bay? Here are six all natural tips for beating acid reflux once and for all.

Filling You in On Chlorophyll: Why Everyone is Grabbing for the Green Superfood


What are the benefits of chlorophyll? We asked the experts why they turn to this naturally-occurring compound for boosting their wellness.

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